Angela Dance Co is a contemporary dance company,bringing a refreshing artistic approach,  connecting  performing artists and audience through physical and theatrical communication. Using fascinating point of views, Angela explores both personal and universal themes, creating exciting spectacles of matter and space. Angela represents standards of artistic innovation, alongside with social and community relevance.



Angela Dance Co was founded by Miriam Engel and has captured audiences with inspiring creations that combine a rich and virtuosic performance and intriguing dramatic narratives. Angela Dance Co is based in Jerusalem, the capital and 'boiling pot' of Israel in its multicultural nature, and draws artistic and intellectual inspiration from the city's complexity and diversity.

Angela Dance Co is becoming one of the leading voices in the Israeli dance scene.


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We see Angela Dance Co as an artistic tool that comes to touch people through the language of movement and performing art, and to create both interpersonal and multicultural dialog. The company is generating a constantly evolving network of local and worldwide productions, guest performers and partners. In addition to its creations, Angela Dance Co combines, master classes and workshops for dancers and non-dancers of all ages, co-productions with artists from Israel and abroad and invites artists from different fields to collaborate with the company. The Company holds an educational program - a school for young adults and a professional training program with a vision of generating a deep process of development that bears fruits of young artists who work and create a brave, relevant and refined art in Jerusalem.


Miriam Engel, the Artistic Director and choreographer of the Company, creates works that are characterized by a personal, colorful and unique language and design, based on both modern techniques and theatrical methods. Miriam Engel's work is touching delicately, though without prejudice, urgent questions of identity, individuality and legacy in an esthetic, uncompromising manners. On stage, Miriam Engel creates a fantastic world of physical and emotional depth.

Angela Dance Co is a home to 6 dancers and artists with unique personalities and colors who bring an individual, intellectual, and refreshing performance to the stage.


Angela Dance Co and Merhav Mahol facilitates a professional training program and open classes for all levels. An open space of creation and dance education for young adults in a beautiful, well equipped studio in "Katamon" neighborhood, Jerusalem.


A creative environment of professional excellence and individual growth. Merhav Mahol Dance school offers a variety of dance classes with leading teachers and dancers from ANGELA Dance Co and the professional dance scene in Israel.



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